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I’m Sheilah Crowley – Head of partnerships here at CSR Talent Group.

We invited Lynda Costa to join us today because her unique talent is in the brand and purpose space. And while aligning brand and purpose is a rapidly developing area and something we’ve found many companies are grappling with, Lynda brings her unique ability to innovate and use her exceptional communication skills to engage every variety of stakeholder.

So today we wanted to focus on two case studies that she’s shared with us that illustrate her unique ability to align brand and purpose and her overall contribution to the social impact ecosystem.

Questions addressed in this interview include:

  1. Lynda briefly and in your own words, please tell me about your background and what fuels your unique approach within the CSR, ESG space.
  2. We’ve spoken about your work at Pepsico and Firmenich (one of the largest the flavoring companies?). Can you use those two work examples to illustrate your approach to aligning brand and purpose?
  3. For the listener who may be working against some challenges in executing a brand and purpose strategy, can you provide some specific tips that maybe you could have used when trying to execute your programming?

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