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We invited one of our esteemed consultants Julie Cornell of JAC Partnerships to join us today because of her unique insights into the healthcare space. Julie has worked in healthcare for a combined 15 years, including nearly 10 years at Johnson and Johnson as a senior lead on their Global Community Impact team. She holds a notable record for designing, delivering, communicating, and measuring evidence-based programs that connect communities with healthcare. We know that every variety of company is grappling with questions around lasting impact and measuring success. Given the climate of increasing demands on healthcare companies like J & J – from every variety of stakeholder – today we’re excited to focus on Julie’s unique perspective in light of her deep experience working inside the healthcare industry.

Questions addressed in this interview include:

  1. Tell us about yourself and what makes your experience unique/interesting.
  2. 3-part question:
    – What can (and should) healthcare companies be doing?
    – What is their role in society as corporate citizens?
    – And what are some unique and innovative examples of high-impact approaches that you’ve seen in your career?
  3. 2-part question:
    – What are some of the challenges healthcare companies face in achieving those outcomes?
    – How would you advise someone in your (then) shoes to work within those challenges?
  4. How can you measure success?

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