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I’m Tom Knowlton – CEO, CSR Talent Group.

We invited Sarah Harris to join us today because of her insights into how brands reap value from impact strategies.

Our focus today is on how companies monetize social responsibility (make money do good); earn ROI on Impact/Sustainability strategy. The viewer will learn:

1. Examples of companies making money while doing good and leaving understanding how to spot opportunities.
2. The power of sharing your impact story.

Questions addressed in this interview include:

1. What business imperative is driving organizations to action – right now? Beyond ‘being good for the environment and the world around us….’ how do brands really reap value from impact/sustainability strategies? Can you share some real-life examples? 
2. You’ve provided examples of companies that are monetizing their social responsibility.  Can you now share an example or 2 of how brands share their impact story really well? 
3. How do people get started? What’s the best first move? 

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