Fashion is a $1.7 trillion dollar industry, yet is one of the least regulated in the world. The environmental destruction and social consequences are getting too big to ignore. With that, we will explore the need for greater transparency, oversight and accountability in the fashion supply chain.

Topics addressed in this webinar include:

  • An understanding of historical and current harm the fashion industry is doing both environmentally and socially to the planet.
  • Awareness of action steps that can be taken to support transparency within the supply chain.
  • Which regulations, both pending and already passed might affect your business.
  • How your company should be prepared to navigate these policies from an environment and fiduciary risk standpoint.
  • Innovative industry examples as fuel for thought.

Viewers will walk away with a new understanding of the far-reaching impact fashion has on just about every part of society and the innovative ways companies are using to improve some of the entrenched pitfalls within the supply chain.


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