Stakeholders are increasingly expecting companies to implement programs and policies across a broad range of environmental and social issues, but at the same time, there is a growing backlash against ESG and “wokeness.” Critics argue that companies should focus on their core business strategy, not these issues. As a result, this is causing companies to rethink their ESG communications and engagement approaches. This webinar brings together two CSR Talent Group experts in ESG communications to address the following questions:

Topics addressed in this webinar include:

  • An understanding of the true risks and opportunities companies face from these types of movements
  • The emerging demographics that will influence your communication strategy
  • How and why to focus on internal stakeholders to avoid getting “caught on your heals” as a first step in aligning your communication plan
  • Beginning ways to adapt your communication strategy in the face of attacks against companies like Anheuser Busch, Disney, Target and others

Viewers will walk away with beginning ways to adapt a communication strategy in the face of a an anti-woke sentiment in corporate America.


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