Join Andrew Troup, Director of Corporate Giving & Engagement Strategy at Blackbaud, and three CSR Talent Group employee engagement and well-being experts, Kenda Carlson, Sheilah Crowley and Emily Kameros as we delve into the research that identifies why organizations need to prioritize well-being, outline how HR, DEI, and CSR colleagues can collaborate on transforming their internal working environments, and share examples that demonstrate strategies to increase employee participation across volunteering, philanthropy, and Employee Resource Group (ERG) initiatives.

Session Objectives & Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how corporate social initiatives can be a driving force in shaping a culture that supports wellbeing.
  • Learn strategies to create workplaces that prioritize inclusion, belonging, safety, and purpose, contributing to improved employee mental health.
  • Explore the direct and positive influence of engagement in philanthropic “give back” experiences on individual health and well-being.

Viewers will have a solid understanding of how well-being and employee engagement are interconnected and the baseline workplace conditions most conducive to engagement. 

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