Sharing Your Brand Purpose is a workshop designed for CSR/Impact Leaders interested in growing business and impact. The workshop covers what brand purpose is, why it matters, and case studies of effective brand purpose in action. Led by Sarah Harris, drawing on 20+ years in social impact and purpose-driven advertising.


Workshop fee, set price per session


  • Strategic Insight: Gain a deep understanding of brand purpose, its significance, and real-world success stories to strategically align your CSR/Impact initiatives with business goals.
  • Data-Driven Impact: Acquire data-backed insights on how integrating brand purpose not only drives business value but also amplifies your social impact.
  • Practical Solutions: Walk away with a practical brand purpose architecture, empowering you to seamlessly integrate and communicate your brand purpose with employees and customers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Elevate your brand’s presence by fostering meaningful connections with employees and customers, turning brand purpose into a catalyst for increased engagement and loyalty.

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